The products or services produced; Type I type labels, which means that they do not harm the environment or cause the least harm, are environmentally and eco-system friendly, safe and reliable, provide consumer satisfaction, and comply with the NSO-NAP 3 Eco Label Standard, are called "Eco-Friendly Label".

Eco-Friendly Label; It is the label that declares to the consumer that the product content and production processes are not dangerous, that it does not pose a risk or that the ecosystem is protected by efficient and effective use of resources. It is also an important factor for the conscious consumer's choice.

Label; It is one of the ways for organizations to present the concept of an environmentalist, sustainable and environmentally friendly brand.

In today's world, where we are dealing with climate change and environmental pollution problems, it has become mandatory to use environmentally friendly products, which are an important part of sustainable environmental approach. This label is needed to distinguish and mark products and services in order to spread this obligation and increase consumption awareness.

NSO-NAP 3 Eco Label Standard; ensures that the environmentally friendly label marking or the ECO-FRIENDLY CERTIFICATE is registered by meeting the requirements. Environmentally Friendly Label in general; In global economies and in the market, it guides to distinguish environmentalist, green and sustainable products and to provide assurance to final consumers and general customers. It is a voluntary sustainable marking for consumer products. The Eco-Friendly Label, together with the Certification standard requirements, aims to minimize the impact of its products on the environment. Thus; It contributes to meeting the needs of Reuse and Recycling, Conservation of Resources, Conservation of Energy, Waste Treatment, Environmental Protection, Sustainability and Extended Lifespan.

Eco-Friendly Certificate or Eco-Friendly Label; It is a qualified and special environmental symbol that shows that all products produced by conventional, traditional and lean production and agricultural products, which are harmful to human and ecosystem, produced without using any additives and methods, controlled and certified, comply with the NSO-NAP 3 Ecoglobllabels Standard (Eco Label Standard).

The Eco-Friendly Symbol can assist manufacturers in complying with Environmental Legislations, as well as providing advantages to public authorities and businesses in meeting the requirements of global climate and environmental agreements.

The Certification Process is the same as the Standard Eco Label.