Defining the products produced by the natural product producers of the production sectors; "Eco-Natural Label" or "Ecological Natural Certificate" is the environmentalist natural product mark that is environmentally friendly and ecologically specified and used by registering with the requirements of NSO-NAP 3 (Ecogloballabel) Eco Label Standard.

The International Natural Standards Organization ensures natural eco labeling in Eco-Natural Label applications, taking into account the requirements of NSO-NAP 1 and NSO-NAP 3 Standards to meet international demands.

Eco-Natural Label, for natural product markets, based on the principle of volunteerism, designed to distinguish the environmentally friendly natural product, to facilitate selection, to create the common environmental awareness of producers and consumers; It has become a participatory and market-based economic instrument.

Eco natural control requirements, as in the Eco label; “Resource use, Consumption of Resources, Natural Resource Management, Environmental (soil, water and air) Pollution, Energy Management and Consumption, Waste Management, Bio-diversity, Ecosystem Health & Safety and Human Health.”

Ecological natural product labeling; field inspection; application requirements and production management practices and evaluation.

On-Site Inspection and Audit decision; Application Review and Evaluation is at the initiative of the committee composed of environmental and food experts from accredited and licensed organizations authorized by the Eco Label Organization (IBI).

In labeling; NSO-NAP 1 Natural Product Certificate-Standard, ISO 22000 Certificate-Food Safety Management System, ISO 14001 Certificate - Environmental Management System, ISO 50001 Certificate - Energy Management System etc. Applications and Registrations of related management systems are used.

NSO-NAP 3 GLOBAL ECO NATURAL LABEL, besides making natural products distinctive, helps companies to be recognized, supported their reputation and prestige, and most importantly, to obtain an environmentally friendly natural producer brand. With these benefits, natural product manufacturers can gain an advantage in the market.

Natural Eco Label is a natural product labeling Type I type product labeling.

Label registration; NSO-NAP 1 Natural Product Standard and NSO-NAP 3 Eco Label Standard are evaluated together.