Involved in international trade; Defining the products and services of the Ecological Production and Service sectors; "Eco Trade Label" or "Ecological Trade Certificate" is the commercial marking of environmentally friendly natural products and services, which are environmentally friendly and ecologically specified and used by registering with the requirements of the NSO-NAP 3 (Ecogloballabel) Eco Label Standard.

NSO (International Organization for Natural Standardization ) has provided eco-trade labeling by creating NSO-NAP 3 Standard requirements in order to meet international ECOLOGICAL TRADE MARKING demands in Eco-Natural Label applications.

Eco Trade Label, working with the principle of voluntariness, with the aim of distinguishing environmentally friendly commercial activities, designed to develop the common environmental awareness of service and product producers and consumers and to raise awareness, in ecological trade; It has become a participatory and market-based economic symbol.

Eco trade control requirements, as in the Eco label; “Resource use, Consumption of resources, Natural resource management, Environmental (soil, water and air) pollution, Energy management and consumption, Waste management, Bio-diversity, Ecosystem health&safety and Human health.”

Site inspection may not be necessary for eco-trade labeling. However; Site Inspection and Application Control decision; Application Review and Evaluation is at the discretion of the committee composed of environmental experts from accredited and licensed organizations authorized by the Eco Label Organization (IBI).

In labeling; ISO 9001 Certificate - Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Certificate - Environmental Management System, ISO 50001 Certificate - Energy Management System etc. relevant management systems, Applications and Documents are used.

NSO-NAP 3 GLOBAL ECO TRADE LABEL, besides making products and services distinctive, contributes to the recognition of companies that are parties to the trade, gaining reputation and prestige, and becoming an environmentally friendly trade mark.

The Eco trade Label is a Type I product and service labeling.

In label registration; NSO-NAP 3 Ecogloballabel Standard requirements are being evaluated.