Vegan foods and services produced in accordance with NSO-NAP 11 Halal Vegan Standard requirements and Islamic rules and regulations; The label where the supply chain conditions are met, including production, storage, presentation and other services, not containing animal content/ingredients and not harboring animal abuse, is called "Halal Vegan Label", "Halal Vegan Certificate" .

Aiming to meet the needs and expectations of the Muslim vegan consumer and to be a distinctive feature in the product; The NSO-NAP 11 Halal Vegan Standard label, published by the International Organization for Natural Standards, introduced the global "Halal Vegan" marking for the first time in the world and responded to the demands.

With the Halal Vegan label, food and non-food products; With its islamic, reliable, safe, animal component and animal abuse-free symbol, it makes it easy to choose and makes it distinctive.

Label; It is aimed to meet the demands of Muslim consumers who refuse to consume and use products of animal origin. The main goal in Halal Vegan Labeling is to accurately inform the Vegan Muslim consumer and to provide a global mark for products or services produced in accordance with the requirements of the NSO-NAP 11 HALAL VEGAN STANDARD.

In labeling; Product, production and service processes conformity assessment is carried out.


In all processes of the final product coming out of the production and/or service process;

  • 1. Not to use animal origin food or non-food ingredient/component (including halal/nacis/non-halal),
  • 2. Not to test or experiment on animals,
  • 3. Contamination or Pollution rate of at most 1/1000 (0.1%),
  • 4. Obtaining appropriate results from the examination with Halal and Vegan tests are the general criteria.

For criteria details; You can access the Standard from NSO (www.nsorg.org).


Labeling time; Depending on the conformity assessment stage, it varies between approximately 1 - 3 weeks. The process can take up to 13 weeks for many and complex product or service labeling.

Labels can be preferred for 1 year or 2 years with different price alternatives.