Completing the production process without interfering with the original structure and naturalness of the Final Products, meeting the requirements of the NSO-NAP 1 Natural Standard and the needs of the consumer; Additive-free, without synthetic content, without dye, without GMO, without gas, without disease-causing components, Glucose-Fructose etc. The security label showing the special marking of Syrup-free and Hormone-Free products, such as Syrup-free, is called "Natural Label" or "NATURAL PRODUCT LABEL" or "Natural Certificate”.

The Natural Food Label does not guarantee "Organic" or "Healthy". It is never considered as an Organic or Organic alternative. It is a label standard created to meet customer needs for products produced by applying natural raw material(s) and product safety principles. It is a label that enables the customer to reach the products produced with the original and pure structure of natural production processes in accordance with the literature and codex. Certification of the label; It is called "Natural Food Certificate" or "Natural Food Certificate". General names of Natural Label or Natural Certificate are also made.

Additives, dyes, long-lasting, artificial, synthetic components, GMOs, etc., produced for the consumer with the greed of more money, are produced by global industrial production due to wild competition. This standard has been created by taking into account the consumer demands for the elimination of unsafe food-safe ingredients.

NSO-NAP 1 Natural Product Standard; It has adopted the aim and mission of providing the consumer with accurate information and meeting the consumer's natural product demands without interfering with its naturalness. Lean manufacturing rejects and never accepts its principles.

Product and Production related requirements and applications; It is defined in articles 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the standard.


  • 0. Input
  • 1. Scope of application
  • 2. Referenced standards and regulations
  • 3. Terms and definitions
  • 4. Management and management system
  • 5. Naturalness requirements
  • 6. Outsourcing management
    • General
    • Type and size of control
  • 7. Production
    • Manufacturing and quality control
    • Design
    • Calibration
    • Packaging
    • Storage
    • Shelf life
  • 8. Labeling
    • General
    • Products under natural certification
  • 9. Certification, control and inspection
    • Audit and certification
    • Approval of content
    • Certification bodies
    • Licensed auditor(s)
    • Licensed agency(s)
    • Licensed laboratory(s)
  • 10. APPENDIX-A. NSO-NAP 1 Natural product declaration of conformity