The NSO-NAP 3 Standard Will Be The Solution!

NSO-NAP 3 meets the needed for standardization in Eco Labeling…

In a world where we are alone with new habits and environmental problems, the need for eco-labeling for a sustainable product production system is increasing day by day. NSO-NAP 3 Standard, developed by NSO (International Natural Standards Organization) to prevent consumer needs and confusion, provides a solution to a global standard approach.

International solution organizations such as COP-26 reveal the seriousness of environmental problems and seek serious strategic solutions for environmental and climate change problems globally.

Today, there is a need for agreements on the NSO-NAP 3 Eco Global Label Standard, which is expected to be internationally accepted on sustainable environmental marking, and what sustainable production should measure. There is no easy way to solve problems such as carbon dioxide emissions, water use, biodiversity impact and direct consumer choice. In addition, it should be known that purchasing decisions based on the environmental effects of their nutrition are as necessary and important as standard requirements.

Especially for food products, agriculture, processing, storage and transportation habits need to change as soon as possible. New agreements and strategies to reduce the impact of production methods on the world seem to cause shock changes in new production practices. The product we buy is guided by a complex interaction between consumer demand, producer methods, logistics, marketing and agriculture sectors, but it is still up to the standards to make the changes and interventions that need to be made about sustainability more healthy.