It is Possible But Not Easy to Label Products With Qualified Labels !

It is Possible But Not Easy to Label Products With Qualified Labels



Especially the complexity of food production can be frightening, and it will not be insignificant to carry out the necessary controls and collect the findings for the right quality labeling for sustainability…

In product private labeling as a result of production, difficult and strategic decisions have to be made about where to stop and where to start. Most consumers agree that sustainable, healthy and environmentally friendly product special markings should reflect on the product.

How should sustainability and product safety include the life chain private labeling system with content and attribute information that differentiates over time? What labeling should be done on a product basis?

Product safety is a global issue and needs global solutions. NSO Life Chain Labels is a recognized leader in product private label standards, and the product private labels it creates accordingly enjoy a high level of consumer confidence. It also gives us the opportunity to lead the way in making the product sustainable, safe and healthy, but we must act now if we are going to do that. None of the product-specific marking/labeling problems are insurmountable, but considering that time is not on our side, action should be taken as soon as possible.